Are you letting bad policies drive your business?

A colleague was recently relaying a story to me about his experience with ADT Security and it made me think about how companies develop processes and procedures that actually hinder their ability to do business.

My colleague wanted to suspend his security system monitoring while he was doing renovations on his house. The renovations were going to take about eight months.

Here are some of the highlights of his story:

  • ADT would only allow him to suspend monitoring service one month at a time, so he was forced to call them each month to “renew” the suspension of service
  • His only other option for suspending the monitoring service was to cancel his contract with ADT altogether and then re-sign up when he moved back in
  • Even though monitoring service was suspended, ADT continued to charge him each month for that service and then credited him the full amount at the end

This doesn’t sound like a company that has their customers best interests in mind. It’s not like he was the first customer to ever want to suspend their service. So why not create a policy or process that better serves that need?

Don’t let your systems or your policies dictate how you operate. Those systems and policies should support the right way of doing business. Too many organizations force customers to fill out unnecessary information, jump through useless hoops or wait for unreasonable amounts of time because of internal processes and systems.

Are you one of those companies?