Creating a Low Centre of Gravity for Your Organization

Organizations want to maximize impact in everything they do. In order to do that, you need to create a low centre of gravity. You need to not only be able to remove obstacles, you need to be able to go through them. Hence the importance of the low centre of gravity.

In order to create that low centre of gravity, organizations need to master three elements:

  1. Speed – you need to approach any initiative or strategy with speed.
  2. Angle – You need to take the right approach and have the right angle.
  3. Power – You need to come with strength and power.

If any of these three elements are missing, you will not be able to maximize impact and go through the obstacles in your way. The visual below shows the sweet spot between the three elements and what happens if you are not in that sweet spot.

Low Centre of Gravity

If you have speed and power, but the wrong angle, you will miss your target.

If you have speed and the right angle, but no power, you will get run over.

If you have the right angle and power, but no speed, you will get left behind.

If you have speed, power, and the right angle, you will maximize impact.