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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – September 21, 2015

Last week, I was in Chicago speaking to a group of 40 association executives on the five myths of association excellence. These five myths are causing associations to lose money and show their members out the door. We had a great discussion on what association excellence looks like, and how to change an organization’s dynamic around these five myths.

  1. You can be everything to everybody. No you can’t. You need to understand your strengths and what value you can offer. Then determine who can most benefit from that value.
  2. Your members inherently know the value that you offer. They don’t. You need to help them articulate the value that you offer to help attract new members.
  3. Offering new products and services means you are innovative. There is a difference between being innovative (creating need) and being opportunistic (exploiting opportunities). Associations are mainly opportunistic. We could not come up with one example of an association that is truly innovative (which of course creates a tremendous opportunity for someone to fill that void).
  4. Putting on events means you are building a community. Building a community requires you to provide value consistently and be provocative. It also should feed itself with the community members bringing in new members on their own.
  5. You will thrive by doing what you already do, only better. You may survive if you improve on what you are currently doing, but you won’t thrive. Organizations that thrive challenge their business models and change their mindset.

We had a very lively discussion about how associations need to change their mindset around how to provide value to their members and take more risks. These myths can apply to any organization so don’t dismiss them just because you are not running an association.

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