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Toronto – October 6, 2014
This past weekend was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. During Yom Kippur, Jews are supposed to ask forgiveness of those they have wronged, and forgive those who have wronged them. It’s sort of like starting each Jewish new year with a clean slate. And like many other religions, Jews are asked to give something up to show their dedication, so many Jews fast during Yom Kippur.
There are many organizations that could use a clean slate. An exercise for reflecting on all of the things it has done well and all of the areas of opportunity (which can either be areas to improve upon or creating something new). This exercise would help the organization “atone” for past sins – entering a market too quickly, treating customers poorly, hiring the wrong people.
Next time you hear about Yom Kippur, think about what sins your organization needs to “atone” for and how you can go about making improvements. Also think about the “sacrifices” that you may have inadvertently made (lost customers, lost employees, etc.) while committing those sins.
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