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Toronto – February 16, 2015
Last week I went to the bank to deposit some cheques through the ATM. I had three different accounts into which these cheques needed to be deposited, so I went through the ordeal of putting each card into the ATM machine and depositing the cheques into the appropriate account. What could have taken a couple of minutes took me almost 10. I’m glad I wasn’t the person behind me, waiting.
If we can visit other planets, fly planes from the ground, and see a million miles away through a tiny hole (called a telescope), why can’t banks figure out a way to get multiple accounts on one card?
What are you doing to make the lives of your customers easier?
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The problem with customer satisfaction metrics, part 2

I just received a call from my bank asking if I had a few minutes to take a customer survey about my most recent branch visit. Except that it wasn’t my bank calling. It was an independent research company hired by my bank to call me. This strikes me as somewhat strange.

If my bank wants to know about my recent branch experience, why not have the teller ask me while I was at the branch. Having some faceless company call and ask for a few minutes of my time is intrusive. Not to mention the fact that I have no idea whether or not this company is legitimate.

I understand that the bank is trying to improve the customer experience (assuming that they did actually hire this company), but the way you do that is to engage the customer at the point of contact. Not have some faceless phone service disturb them. If you want to know about my experience at the branch, ask me directly when I’m in the branch.

“Is there anything we could have done to improve your experience, Mr Miller?” That’s all that they needed to ask. One simple question. How complicated are you making your customer feedback process?