What can Tommy teach us about business?

Those of you who are familiar with the Who’s album, Tommy, know it is about a deaf and blind boy who also can’t speak. Tommy created these internal blockages because of his experiences when he was young and people took advantage of him throughout his whole life because of it. He carried them with him for a long time before finally “shattering the mirror” and removing those blockages.

Metaphorically speaking, organizations do this same thing all they time. They build up defense mechanisms to avoid being hurt or criticized.

They avoid making changes because they made mistakes in the past. They build consensus for most decisions to avoid being blamed if something goes wrong. They build bureaucratic processes to follow the old CYA adage.

All of these self-inflicted barriers hinder the organization’s success and force them to miss the biggest and best opportunities to thrive.

What internal blockages have you created that hinder your ability to see the opportunities staring you right in the face?