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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – June 10, 2013
Organizations have been controlling the way they spend money over the past few years and many are now sitting on piles of cash. We have already seen many acquisitions and we will see many more over the coming months. The success of an acquisition will be determined well before the due diligence phase begins. That success hinges on the process the acquiring company uses to identify potential acquisition targets and the decisions it makes before an offer is even made. Here are three things acquiring companies need to consider before engaging in talks with another company:
  • There needs to be a clear decision as to the future culture of the overall organization. Companies usually don’t get acquired for their culture, but for their technology or customers or expertise in a certain area. The acquiring company needs to be clear right up front about what the adopted culture will be.
  • There needs to be a fit at all levels. Organizations tend to just focus on synergy or opportunity at the executive level, but acquiring organizations need to understand the steps required, and how easy or difficult it will be, to integrate the new company into their culture.
  • There needs to be an alignment of goals. The acquiring company needs to ensure that it clearly communicates the goals for the future and that the company being acquired aligns with that vision. If the focus needs to be growth and innovation, the organizations need to be aligned to best take advantage of opportunities.

You will notice that I haven’t used the word “merger” because I don’t believe they truly exist in business. A merger is only a term to describe the financial terms of a certain transaction, but no business transaction is ever truly a merger. One culture needs to dominate. And since no two organizations are alike, eventually one culture wins out. The sooner that decision is made, the easier the integration will be. 

Like any other element of business, a company needs to have an acquisition process,” says Andrew Miller, president of ACM Consulting. “It needs to approach each acquisition target with some key decisions already made in order to make the acquisition successful. Acquisitions fail when the acquiring organization neglects making key decisions early on in the process.
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