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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – May 25, 2015
I gave a talk last week to a group of senior finance executives about ways to think differently about how their organization operates. I focused on showing them why they needed to think about growth, not just the reduction of expenses, as well as improve the adoption and impact of new ideas, not just improve the organization’s ability to generate new ideas.
The original title of the talk was, “So you want to sit in the CEOs chair?” I soon realized in talking with many of these executives before my speech, that many of them had no interest in becoming a CEO. It wasn’t because these executives weren’t smart enough or driven enough. It was because most of them weren’t interested in taking on the additional pressure and expectation that comes with sitting in the CEO’s chair.
It reiterated for me how lonely being a CEO can be. If senior financial executives don’t want to be CEOs, then would the same apply for other groups of executives? Are we creating CEO positions that are so stressful and isolated that nobody wants them?
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