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Toronto – December 15, 2014
The recent report from the US Senate Intelligence Committee showed how things can go wrong when decisions are made hastily, without an objective in mind, and initiatives are taken on without any clear oversight. The CIA is now in hot water over the tactics it used in overseas prisons after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.
What did we learn and how can we apply it to organizations?
  • Ensure oversight and accountability for key initiatives. Accountability means that one person is accountable for the success or failure of an initiative. This person needs to be identified at the outset and have clear expectations set for them around expected results and behaviour.
  • Encourage transparency across the organization. Whether delivering positive messages (we just increased market share) or not so positive ones (we need to layoff 500 people), you need to be honest and transparent. Employees will forgive you for making a mistake, they won’t forgive you for blatantly lying to them.
  • Develop an approach that will best achieve the objectives you want to accomplish. In order to develop the right approach, you need to know what your objectives are. Once you have clearly identified those objectives, it’s easier to develop the right tactics to achieve them.

How are you going to avoid a scathing report about your operations?

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