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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – November 9, 2015

My son’s hockey team won the Motown Hockey tournament in Detroit this weekend. We played the same team twice in the tournament – once in the final round of the round robin, and once again in the tournament finals. We lost the first game 6-2 and won the finals game 3-2.

The key to winning the finals game was that we made adjustments after losing to them. Since they had beaten us, they didn’t make any adjustments and played the same way. The adjustments we made allowed us to win because they did exactly what we expected them to do.

They could have anticipated changes that we would make and made some adjustments of their own, but they didn’t.

This happens in business all the time. Many top companies get complacent and don’t anticipate what their competitors, or their customers, or the market will do. They then find themselves struggling to compete.

You compete with the same companies day in and day out. What are you doing each day to give yourself an advantage?

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