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Toronto – June 9, 2014
In my Monday Morning Message from a couple of weeks ago, I wrote that in order to increase profit margins, you needed to create an emotional connection with customers which would create customer continuance (E = mc2). One of the ways to do that is through consistency, so that customers know what to expect each time they have an experience with your organization.
Every Sunday morning my daughter and I go grocery shopping at the local Loblaws. This has become the weekly tradition. We go first thing in the morning before the Sunday morning rush to ensure that everything on our list is available and on the shelves. Yesterday, I was unable to go shopping in the morning and was forced to go in the afternoon. This is usually the worst time to go because after the morning rush of shoppers, the shelves are bare and the aisles are filled with employees trying to restock them.
But to my surprise, when I went yesterday afternoon the shelves were fully stocked and the aisles were not filled with employees blocking them with giant carts. My afternoon shopping experience went as smoothly as my normal morning experience. Loblaws provided consistency of experience and that is something that I noticed.
McDonald’s is another example of an organization that provides a consistent experience. Regardless of where you are in the world, the McDonald’s experience is similar. They have set certain expectations for services and quality.
What are you doing to provide a consistent experience every time your customers interact with you?
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