Is the sky really falling in the US?

We are now in Day whatever of the closure of the US government and we are in full blame game mode. It’s everyone else’s fault why this is happening and the doomsday advisers are circling like vultures. People are actually saying that if the shutdown lasts long enough, it will lead to a Depression. Are you kidding me? Do we really believe, as selfish and childish as the US politicians are right now, that they would let the economy fall into a depression?

I have colleagues pulling all of their money out of the stock market for fear of a crash. I know others who are already concerned about the impact on their businesses. This all seems premature to me. I’m all for preparation, but the US economy fuels most of the other world economies. The US knows this and I can’t believe that they would let it get that far. If it does, it will be on the backs of the worst group of Democrats and Republicans the US has ever seen. The fact that we are even discussing this is embarrassing enough that they should all quit their jobs.

All over healthcare legislation that was passed over a year ago. Talk about waiting until the last minutes to take a stand.

The strange irony is that I don’t even want to be writing about this. But I feel compelled to say something about a bunch of spoiled politicians who use the lives of their constituents like little pawns in the game where the winner is able to grasp as much power as they can.