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Toronto – July 7, 2014
Eugenie Bouchard, the brilliant Canadian women’s tennis player, has given us all a glimpse of what it means to prepare for success. When she won her semi-final match at Wimbledon last week, she didn’t jump up and down, or scream and shout, or fall to the ground and weep. Although any and all of those reactions would have been justified for a 20-year old who just made her first grand slam final.
After the final point, she smiled, waved to the crowd, shook her opponents and the chair umpire’s hands, picked up her bag, and left the court. In the post-match press conference, it was clear that Bouchard expects to win and she was not satisfied with just making the finals.
This is a great lesson is preparing for success and not failure. Bouchard views the semi-finals and a step to winning the championship, not as an accomplishment in and of itself.
Have you ever made a phone call where you expected someone to turn you down? How about walking into a meeting thinking you know what the other person is going to say? Did you ever enter a competition not expecting to win?
We have all done these things. When we do them, we are preparing for failure and limiting our ability to be successful. We do this because it makes it easier to accept rejection. We act like it never mattered in the first place. But it does matter.
Have you ever had success when you prepared for failure?
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