Meeting customer expectations half the time

As a follow-up to my post, Foiled again by Air Canada, I did in fact make it out of Toronto that same day (albeit two hours late). I then experienced a one hour delay on my flight home from Providence yesterday.

So I decided to do some digging. Thanks to a wonderful iPhone app called FlightTrack, I was able to see the statistics for the Providence-Toronto flight route for Air Canada. What I found was shocking. Planes flying from Toronto to Providence or vice versa only arrived on time 52% of the time. Barely half of the flights arrived on time. Almost 25% of those late arrivals were more than 45 minutes late. And another 10% got cancelled.

How can any business be successful with that track record? Imagine only meeting your customers’ expectations 50% of the time.

Well, at least they got me home safe and sound. There’s something to celebrate!