Alberta Health Minister dismisses entire AHS board

In a sweeping move to show who’s boss, Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne dismissed the entire board of directors of Alberta Health Services yesterday.

The board was dismissed after agreeing to provide AHS executives with performance bonuses at a time when front-line AHS workers are being given a wage freeze or even a reduction in salary. The board’s decision wasn’t aligned with the direction Minister Horne wants to take healthcare in Alberta, so they were all relieved of their duties.

You have to respect the Minister for carrying out such a tough decision. Firing the entire board of AHS leaves a huge gap in the administration of AHS and filling the board with new directors will require a great deal of time and effort.

You have to wonder why the board was so adamant in wanting to provide bonuses to AHS executives when everyone else has had their wages frozen. The chair said he didn’t want to go back on the promise the board had made to AHS executives and taking away those bonuses at this point was unfair. I guess the Minister of health thought differently.