Playing the Blame Game

Why is it the default position for so many people to blame others when something goes wrong? What’s wrong with taking accountability for something?

Reading about the website in the US made me think about this. While CGI was being put through the ringer by US Congress yesterday, one of the congressman asked for a simple apology. “A simple ‘I’m sorry’ would be fine.” But it never came.

I’m not saying CGI is fully to blame, and they certainly won’t say that, but why is “I’m sorry” such tough words for people to say? Because our pride gets in the way. No one wants to admit that they made a mistake. For some reason, we have a culture where making a mistake is frowned upon and reputations can be ruined because of it.

I think that’s bull. Reputations get ruined by how you handle situations, not the situations themselves. People get judged on how they handle failure, not the failure itself.

The best companies in the world deal with failure all the time because they are always trying new products and services and pushing the envelope. They embrace failure, so they can see what comes from it.

Stop worrying about failing and start focusing on how you handle failure, because failure is inevitable.