Hockey Management podcast: Momentum

In this episode, I discuss how important momentum is in business. When you have momentum, you want to keep it. When you don’t have momentum, you want to gain it.

Do you know how to maintain the momentum you have, or gain it when you don’t?

Hockey Management podcast: Pivots and turns

In this episode, I discuss how those hockey players who are able to adapt and anticipate quickly are the most successful. They can adjust to the changing play by quickly pivoting and turning in a different direction. Successful companies are no different.

Are you nimble enough to stop quickly and change direction as new obstacles appear?

Hockey Management podcast: Tripping

I have started a new podcast series called Hockey Management, where I use the sport of hockey as an analogy for successful business results.

In this episode, I discuss tripping, a penalty where one player trips up another to impede their progress. Are you working harder than your competition in order to stay ahead of them, or are they working harder than you are, forcing you to trip them up from behind?