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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – May 18, 2015
Last week, Hydro One fired an employee because of news video footage of him making vulgar remarks to a female reporter at a TFC soccer match. The specific remarks made are irrelevant, but the fact that they were made, and then repeated, on camera is a disturbing trend. Obviously, this gentleman was having a good time at the game and probably got carried away. But his comments have now been seen by millions of people. It likely never occurred to him at the time that he was doing something wrong, let alone that he might lose his job.
Should he lose his job? Should organizations have the right to fire employees for conduct outside of the workplace? In my mind they should. Employees are a reflection of the organization and if that reflection is tainted then the organization will suffer.
Here’s your chance to weigh in. Send me your thoughts on whether Hydro One is making the right move.
As the leader of an organization, you need to be conscious of the perception that your employees create both at and away from the office. They are representing you even when they are not at work. What impression are your people creating when they are away from the office?
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