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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – December 1, 2014
In my latest podcast, The Future of Operational Excellence in Healthcare, I talk about three themes that organizations need to master in order to be successful in the healthcare industry and I provide you with some practical strategies you can employ.

The three key themes are:

  1. Innovation – It’s not just about coming up with new ideas. The future of operational excellence in healthcare is in the ability to apply and adopt new ideas to maximize results by managing the innovative process.
  2. Collaboration – Collaboration is a means to an end and organizations need to focus on the outcomes they want to achieve and then effectively collaborate to help achieve them.
  3. Performance – The most successful organizations are able to identify money and performance boosts in areas that others don’t normally look and then implement changes in a sustainable way by empowering front line people.

Organizations can master all three of these areas without making any significant investments. You just need to instill the right mindset within your organization and have the passion and discipline to implement these strategies effectively.

Which of the three key themes will you tackle first?

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