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Toronto – November 16, 2015

We always have to stay alert and be on our toes. There is always someone who is going to come after us. We have to show resolve in the face of tragedy.

My guess is these are the prevalent feelings in France today. And that would be the natural reaction. It was tragic what happened on Friday night. It cannot be undone, and maybe it couldn’t have even been prevented. But, what happens next can be controlled. How the French people react to this terror will define them for years to come, both domestically and on the world stage.

The U.S.’s reaction to the September 11 attacks continues to define its presence and role in the world. France can do the same. Attacks against ISIS have already started, the French people are getting together to show support. They are showing their resolve. It’s important they do not waver or stop.

More often than not, it’s not about preventing tragedy, it’s about how you come back from it.

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