Why Lean is a thing of the past

I was reading a discussion board today where a Lean champion stated that in order to really benefit from Lean, you need to wait at least two years, and that the best results come in years two through five.

Is there any other statement needed to show why Lean is a dinosaur? Who has two years to wait to see if it’s working? And that two year period doesn’t even include the time spent training the organization on how to be Lean.

The most successful organizations should be making behaviour changes that show almost immediate results. Of course, the results will magnify over time, but there should still be some short term wins to show that the right decision was made. If there aren’t, then a quick course correction may be in order.

The problem with any methodology is that is takes too much time to learn, to implement, and to gain any sustainable result. Changing your organizational mindset to focus on excellence, not perfection, can be more quickly implemented and yield more dramatic results.