Miller’s Monday Morning Message

Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – October 15, 2013
As you may have noticed, I have sent this week’s Monday Morning Message on a Tuesday. This was not an accident. This week I wanted to make a point about meeting expectations. I don’t expect that all of you were disappointed when you didn’t receive this message yesterday, but I did receive a few emails asking why people didn’t receive it. People expect it to come on Monday because that is the expectation that I have set. I send this message every Monday morning. So when I don’t meet that expectation, some people notice.
I see many organizations set expectations and then not meet them. Those same organizations then wonder why they have low customer loyalty and are losing market share to the competition. Your customers notice when you don’t meet expectations. They don’t expect you to exceed expectations, but they certainly expect you to meet the expectations that you set, so make sure you can do as least that.
What expectations are you setting for customers that you aren’t fulfilling?
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