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Toronto – March 18, 2013
March Madness is upon us. By that, I mean the annual NCAA basketball tournament begins on Thursday. This pits the best US universities against each other in sudden death elimination games in order to crown a national champion. Since this is such a momentous annual event, I thought I would write about what organizations can learn from the whole tournament lead-up and experience.
  • Sometimes tough decisions need to be made-Every year the tournament selection committee decides who makes the tournament and who doesn’t. There is always scrutiny, but they forge ahead with the decision that they think is best. The best decisions aren’t always the most popular ones.
  • Money doesn’t always motivate us to perform-It’s easy to say that these players are playing for future wealth, but in most cases this is simply not true. Most collegiate players will never get paid to play basketball so they are playing for personal satisfaction and pride for their institutions. This is similar to what motivates most top performing employees.
  • What got you here won’t get you thereThis phrase was made famous by Marshall Goldsmith and is applicable in this context. Last year’s tournament champion, Kentucky, did not even make the field of 65 teams in this year’s tournament. You need to constantly innovate and improve to stay on top.
It’s interesting what we can learn from this amazing experience,” says Andrew Miller, President of ACM Consulting. “Organizations can’t ignore what motivates these young athletes to perform and how sport can be such a great metaphor for business.”
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