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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Andrew Miller on operational excellence, strategy, life balance and everything in between

Toronto – May 27, 2013
When pursuing, and eventually mastering operational excellence, there are only four things that can happen to an organization:
  • They can achieve operational excellence and maintain that mastery (3M).
  • They can achieve operational excellence and then lose significant market share (Blockbuster).
  • They can achieve operational excellence and then disappear (Netscape).
  • They can achieve operational excellence, lose it, and then reappear even stronger (IBM).
The organizations that are able to maintain a high level of operational excellence implement stops or gates to prevent them from sliding backwards from the culture they worked so hard to build. These gates help them anticipate future changes in their industries, their customers, their employees and their products and services. Some examples of ways to ensure forward progress are:
  • Hold an innovation competition in your organization. Ask for improvement ideas from employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners and hand out awards for the best ideas. This will generate an influx of new ideas that might help improve performance.
  • Have a third party interview some of your key customers and suppliers to identify why they like working with you and what could be improved. This will give you some insights on what you need to keep doing to be successful and what you need to improve.
  • Ask your existing customer base for referrals to new prospective customers. This will provide you with a series of new leads to follow up with and gives you a reason to have additional conversations with current customers.
  • Perform a review on a key department in the organization and look for gaps in the processes or in communication. Odds are you will find some opportunities to improve the way you operate.

“The most successful organizations can anticipate where they need to be next in order to take advantage of changing markets and changing customers,” says Andrew Miller, president of ACM Consulting. “They don’t rest on their laurels as they know they need to constantly grow and innovate to stay successful.”

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