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Toronto – January 26, 2015
I just spent the weekend in Niagara Falls for a hockey tournament with my son’s team. Aside from having a great time with the families of the team and watching some pretty good hockey, there were some observations I made in spending three days with a team of eight year-olds:
  • They don’t need much to occupy themselves. Give them a ball of any kind and they can be occupied for hours. Life is simple for them.
  • They approach every new activity with renewed passion. It doesn’t matter how tired or hungry or irritable they were, every new activity was met with excitement and a renewed sense of energy.
  • They don’t worry about religion, upbringing, skin colour or any other things like that. They would talk to or play mini-sticks with anyone and everyone because the common passion was hockey.
  • They were amazed by things we take for granted. Visiting the actual falls at Niagara Falls was a first for most of the team. Watching their wonder and amazement at the size and force of the falls was amazing.

So what did I learn from a bunch of eight year-olds? That we need to simplify our lives and appreciate what is going on around us more. Imagine seeing life through the eyes of an eight year-old. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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