The Operational Elegance Index

In a previous post, I introduced the concept of Operational Elegance. Here is an assessment I have created called The Operational Elegance Index. This Index helps you assess how you can accelerate growth and maximize profitability.

Andrew Miller-The Operational Elegance Index

After you have completed the assessment, I would love to hear your feedback on its’ usefulness and discuss how I might be able to help you raise your Index score.

Operational Elegance

To achieve Operational Elegance, you need to score well in two areas: technical and artistic. Just like the best figure skaters and gymnasts, elegant organizations are both technically sound as well as graceful and flexible.

Rank yourself from 1-5 for each statement in these two areas.


  1. We focus on one priority (the single fastest and most effective way to achieve our ideal future state)
  2. We replicate internal best practices across the organization
  3. We practice optimal speed (we know when to speed up and when to slow down to maximize results)
  4. We identify and maximize impact from our best ideas
  5. We practice operational transparency (we share information so employees understand decision-making and customers are more empowered)
  6. We measure outcome, not activity level
  7. We know who our ideal customers are
  8. We have a clearly communicated ideal future state and ensure everything wee do aligns to it


  1. We know who our best and next best employees are and focus on their development and retention
  2. We have processes that focus on efficiently achieving the right outcomes
  3. We communicate the expected behaviours for peak employee performance
  4. We hire for where we are going, not where we are
  5. We encourage healthy debate and productive failure
  6. We don’t tolerate poor performance