The right hiring process goes a long way

Many issues that organizations have can be resolved or mitigated by implementing a hiring process that brings in the right people in the first place.

Have an issue with theft? Make sure you hire the right people.

Have an issue with absenteeism? Make sure you hire the right people.

Don’t have the skill level you want? Make sure you hire the right people.

Have staff who are indifferent to customers? Make sure you hire the right people.

I think you get the idea. Combine accountability, competency (skills), and mindset (passion) in your hiring practices and you will make more good hiring decisions than bad ones. That is the simplicity of the ACM model for hiring. Try it, you just might like it.

Performing Preventative Maintenance on Your People

We perform preventative maintenance on machines, so why not on people? I know it sounds strange but there are steps we can take to avoid the people problems that every organization encounters. Here are some thoughts.

  • Have regular informal checkins with employees to take the pulse of the organization.
  • Ask your direct reports if there is anything they would like to work on, but haven’t had the opportunity to.
  • Hold casual get togethers regularly with your team to talk specifically about outcomes and how better results can be achieved.
  • Walk around every day and get a sense of what everyone is working on and what kind of support they need.
  • Work on some initiatives directly with your people and give them leadership opportunities. Only then will you know how well they can perform.

Too many organizations only react to people issues, and by then it’s too late. As a manager, you need to understand who is on your team, what their strengths are, and whether or not they have the skills and tools to achieve results.

Performing preventative maintenance on your people can save you from ugly firings, bad hiring, and poor decisions.