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Toronto – March 23, 2015
March Madness is upon us once again. The annual U.S. college basketball tournament gives us heroes and goats, Cinderellas and disappointments. It gives us great plays and rabid fans. And most interestingly, it gives us a level of effort and competition that is as good as we will ever see.
The threat of being eliminated from the tournament by losing only one game raises the player’s level of performance. Not unlike the Olympics, where athletes often set personal records, the March Madness tournament motivates players to play their best.
When do your people perform their best? Is it when there is threat of competition? When customer confidence is shaky? When things are going well? Do they improve performance because they want to represent the company well or for personal gain?
You need to understand what motivates your people so that they can raise their level of performance just like the players in the NCAA basketball tournament and the athletes who participate in the Olympics.
What motivates your people to raise their level of performance?
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