Operational Excellence and Technology

Technology has sometimes been considered the saviour for many organizations. And it can be a great way to improve the performance of an organization. But technology in and of itself is not always going to improve that performance. Organizations need to make technology decisions strategically and those technology purchases need to align with the direction of the organization.

Here are some questions to consider when looking to bring new technology into your organization:

  • What are the results you want to achieve and can technology help you achieve them faster and more effectively?
  • What impact will the technology have on the rest of the organization? Will structures need to change? New skill sets required? Increased volumes to support?
  • What is the investment required and what is the return on that investment?

Too many organizations just implement new technology without considering how it will improve performance, which is why most technology projects can’t provide a clear return on investment. Remember this, automating a bad process only allows you to make bad decisions faster.