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Toronto – September 22, 2014
Now that the vote for Scottish independence is over and the ‘No’ vote came on top 55% to 45%, we will see the true impact of this campaign. Even though the result was a decision to remain part of the United Kingdom, the fact that 45% of the people voted ‘Yes’ means that some changes will need to happen. The British government can’t simply ignore 2 million Scots, can they?
This is a case where a no might as good as a yes. The Scots may get some of what they wanted without going through separation. The point of the referendum was to advocate for more rights for the Scots. Even a ‘No’ result did that. The U.K. government has already said that constitutional changes will be coming.
Have you ever been in a situation where a no was as good as a yes?
It may have allowed you to build a stronger relationship, or show additional value, or realize that you weren’t as prepared as you needed to be, or got your message across to a larger group of people.
Sometimes a no is as good as a yes, especially when the implications and impact of a ‘Yes’ would be far too severe.
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