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Toronto – July 8, 2013
It’s truly amazing and a little scary to watch what has been happening in Egypt over the past two weeks. After only one year in office, the democratically elected leader has been removed by the army. Right or wrong, this is a dramatic event that happened. There are protests, violence, uncertainty, and all that goes along with a country trying to find its way.
We shouldn’t consider this a failure of democracy. It takes time to get it right so hopefully Egypt will try again once things have settled down. The world needs to keep a close eye on this because not only is Egypt very influential in the Arab world, but it also controls the movement of goods through the Suez Canal.
We need to remember that democracy takes time and it is difficult to unlearn hundreds of years of bad habits. Egypt needs support right now to ensure that things don’t get too far out of hand, but it needs to figure out how to deal with these issues on its own. Only then can it truly become a democratic country built on giving people a voice to make decisions that shape the direction of the country.
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