The keys to a successful system implementation

For those organizations going throught the transformation of implementing a new system, here are a few things to consider in order to ensure success:

  1. Get users involved early and often
  2. Ensure you review the business processes
  3. Identify key implementation considerations, which could be challenges, roadblocks or even opportunities
  4. Have a strong project lead that can drive things forward
  5. Ensure you have the right mix of business sense and technical knowledge
  6. Identify who is most impacted by the new system and enlist them as ambassadors
  7. Do a phased go-live, not a big bang on the first day
  8. Prepare for issues, so have back-up processes at the ready
  9. Allow users to test real-life scenarios in the system before you go-live
  10. Develop different training modules based on different types of users

There are many more that I could list, but this is a very good starting point.