A great example of customer service from the Pierre hotel

Last week I stayed at the Pierre hotel in New York City. A great property with a great view of Central Park and even greater service. It is one of the only remaining hotels (I think there might be one other in New York) that still uses elevator attendants to move you up and down the floors.

After my stay, I took a few minutes to complete the survey that I was sent. I usually do this because if I have something valuable to add, I want to help the organization improve. In this case, I had a great experience but provided feedback that for the rate that people were paying to stay at the hotel, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around being charged $12 per day for Internet access. In this day and age when we are always connected, Internet access should be included with any hotel room.

To my surprise, I received an email from the Pierre’s Director of Guest Relations within a few hours of completing the survey. Now talk about providing a personal touch! I thought this was a great example of going the extra mile. The email thanked me for my stay and for taking the time to complete the survey, but also addressed my issue about Internet access directly. This just showed that someone took the time to actually read my comments and address them specifically.

This is not something that most companies do so I applaud the Pierre and Taj Hotels for implementing a culture that encourages this kind of extra effort by its’ employees. In a world where communication is becoming less and less personal, acknowledgement of a customer’s concerns is a great strategy.

As I’ve said before, you don’t always need to do something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd.