Rutgers fires head coach Mike Rice

For those that didn’t see the video of Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice yelling at players and throwing basketballs at them, here it is.

What’s sad about this whole story is that this was brought to the attention of Rice’s boss more than four months ago. You would think in an era of scandals in college sports (see Penn State football and other similar stories), universities would be very sensitive to how players are treated.

Rice’s behaviour was brought to the attention of Rutger’s athletic director, Tim Pernetti, back in December. Pernetti suspended Rice for three games and fined him $50,000 for his behaviour. This means that Pernetti knew that what was going on was wrong.

Unfortunately, the only reason that Rice was fired was because the video showing his treatment of players became public this week. Otherwise, I have no doubt he would still be the coach of the Rutger’s men’s basketball team. What does it say in an age of supposed transparency, that consequences only matter if someone finds out? Not a whole lot.

The big question in all of this is, “Will someone else hire Mike Rice after seeing the way he treats his players?” My guess is yes.