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Toronto – November 24, 2014
For those of you who have never used Uber, I feel bad for you. Uber has revolutionized the way we get around a city in a safe, convenient, and clean way. It has completely disrupted the taxi industry.
What did Uber do that is making it so successful? It eliminated everything that people hated about taking a taxi:
  • Not sure who your driver will be? Uber lets you see driver ratings from past customers.
  • Don’t want to stand in the middle of the road trying to hail a cab in the rain? Uber knows your location and picks you up there.
  • Not sure how much a trip will cost? Uber provides you the ability to get a quote based on your destination.
  • Don’t want to ride in a dirty cab? Uber cars are cleaner and nicer than the average taxi cab.
  • Need a cab that takes credit card or don’t want to fumble around for cash? Uber has your account information so you are automatically billed when you arrive at your destination.
  • Tired of waiting for a cab that may never come? Uber lets you track where you car is and how long until it arrives. 
What do customers hate about your industry and how can you eliminate it?
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