Take advantage of the summer months

Those of us who are in business for ourselves should be taking advantage of the quieter summer months to do two things: recharge our batteries and get in front of new clients. We need to recharge our batteries so that we go into the fall with new energy and vigour. Enjoy the weather, take a family vacation, get your mind off of the business for a little while. You will be surprised at how clear new ideas become when you step away from your business, even for a few days.

We also can use this time to get in front of new clients. The economy is picking up but the summertime tends to be a quieter time. This is a perfect opportunity to find and meet with new clients because they are going to start opening the purse strings and likely have some availability to talk with us. Executives are not yet hampered down with budgeting cycles and fiscal year ends, so now is the time. Try some new and creative things and focus on the results that you can achieve. People can argue about methodology but no one can argue about proven results.

The summer is a time when most people kick back and relax and turn on the auto-pilot so if you are one of those people that is working hard to satisfy existing clients and find new ones, then you will easily be able to differentiate yourself.

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