Teamwork and the World Cup

By now, you have probably seen the highlights of England’s goalkeeper, Robert Green, miss the bounding shot taken by the US striker to tie the match. The resultant goal tied the game and lost the victory for England. This is a mistake of dramatic proportions considering the stakes of the game and the fact that it happened on the world stage. However, the fact is, England has more games to play and this does not ruin their chances of winning the World Cup. What it will show, is how much of team this squad really is.

As you can expert, after the match, all of the players were supporting their goaltender. That is what teams do, they support each other (although in a fit of what I can only call a mental lapse, the coach inferred the goalkeeper might not start the next game – way to build up his confidence). Success in sports, just as in business, is all about teamwork. It is not about the individual stars, it is about how everyone works together towards a common goal. If England really does support their goalie then they will come out and do whatever it takes to win their next match and put the situation behind them. They need to show themselves and everyone else, that they support each other regardless of what happens. The most toxic (and easiest) thing to do when something goes wrong is to blame everyone else and focus on the negative outcomes.

England can show some character by winning their next two matches, advancing on, and putting it behind them. They have the opportunity to teach us a lesson in teamwork and focus. Let’s see how it all plays out!

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