Technology is making us lose our sense of direction

I just got back from a trip to Boston and took three cab rides while I was there. In all three instances, the cab driver had no idea where I was going without an address and an explanation. And these were not obscure places….hotels in main locations, world-renowned innovation centres, main office buildings.

I remember the good old days when cab drivers knew the city in which they were driving and could find fast and creative routes to your destination. Now, they can’t find their own house without a GPS.

I love technology, but in this case it’s making us lose our sense of direction. We rely so much on GPS technology that it has lowered our standards for selecting drivers for our cabs. You no longer need to know anything about the city. You just need a car and a pulse.

This is just the first step in the driver-less car…..if people can no longer rely on knowledge and judgment to get us places, they why do we need them?

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