Technology is my friend?

I have just spent the last hour trying to successfully synchronize my Blackberry to my Apple laptop…..and technology is supposed to help us. Anyone who has spent hours trying to figure out what should be the simplest thing can relate to what I am saying.

Almost a year ago, I purchased a Mac laptop after almost 15 years as a PC user. The switch was easy and after a few days I was praising the intuitive user interface, the integration between the different programs and the lack of curious shutdowns. To this day, I am still amazed at some of the features that this thing offers.

However, anyone that tells you that it is easy to integrate anything Mac with anything PC must be on something. I run a couple of programs on my Mac (MS Project and Quickbooks) that are not available in Mac format, so they run on a virtual machine within my Mac operating system. What a nightmare! But the biggest issue I have is syncing my Blackberry to my Mac Address Book using Missing Sync software. I have never seen more software glitches in my life. Names are curiously deleted from my device and calendar entries are repeated. If you can believe this, my device says that my Address book has 839 entries but there are only 617 on my laptop. How does that happen?

Long story short, technology used to be my friend, but the more we hang out, the more I want to break up with her. I invite you to share your thoughts.

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