The DGAS Principle

DGAS stand for Don’t Give a S*&! and it is a good principle to do business by if you are in the advisory business like me. It doesn’t mean you are malicious or mean or provide bad advice, it means you can’t worry about how people react to your advice or your insights. It means you give the advice that you think is right, and not worry about how people react to it, because you know it’s the right advice.

As a consultant and strategic advisor, here’s what DGAS means to me:

  • You don’t chase bad prospects or opportunities
  • You don’t worry about “lost” business (which is really business you never had)
  • Your happiness isn’t tied to whether or not you close business
  • You tell clients and prospects what you are thinking, not what they want to hear
  • You build relationships on your terms, not others
  • You follow your process, not that of others
  • You don’t worry about things you can’t control
  • You don’t put undo pressure on yourself to do too many things at once
  • You don’t overthink things
  • You do your best and go home

What does DGAS mean for you?

6 thoughts on “The DGAS Principle

    • Thanks Sally. It hit me like a tonne of bricks that the less we are concerned about what people think, the more successful we will be.

  1. Dave, I totally agree and wish that I had come up with this principle on my own. I learned from the best….but learning and applying are two very different things. And maintaining that mindset may be even harder. It has taken me a while to actually apply the DGAS principle even though it has made logical sense for years. Now I need to keep doing it….

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