The one thing you should do to improve operational excellence

If there is only one thing you do this week or this month to improve operational excellence in your organization, this is it. Are you ready? Review the three questions below and choose at least one of them to take action on:

  1. Are there any areas of our organization where the way we operate has not been reviewed or assessed in more than two years? If yes, then I guarantee there is a dramatic opportunity to improve performance and profitability in that area.
  2. Are there things that our customers are doing that we could be doing for them that would add value? If yes, then there is a new product or services in the making that you can commercialize and offer to customers.
  3. Do we have the right people in place for the future needs of our organization (NOT the current needs)? In order to answer this question, you need to know in which direction you want to take the organization. Are you launching new products? Moving into new markets? Changing your customer acquisition strategy or your pricing model? Regardless of the direction you want to go, you need to ensure you have the right people to get you there.

By tackling even one of these questions, you will find dramatic improvements to performance and significant increases in profitability.

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