The four levels of adopting best practices

One of the greatest opportunities organizations have to increase performance and profit is to improve their adoption of new ideas. If you can maximize the impact of your ideas, then you will be able to achieve better results. There are four levels of adoption you need to master in order to maximize results from your own internal best practices:

  • Level 1 – One department. This should be the easiest result to achieve, ensuring that the best practices are replicated across the department where the idea was generated.
  • Level 2 – Across multiple departments. At this level, you are able to successfully implement these best practices across multiple departments across the organization and are seeing results from those best practices.
  • Level 3 – Across the organization. At this level, you are able to replicate the best practices across the entire organization.
  • Level 4 – External appeal. At this level, you are able to commercialize those best practices and sell them to others.


Organizations that make it to Level 3, share these common traits:

  • They have common criteria to determine the ideas and practices that will have the greatest impact.
  • They formally manage the idea process.
  • They encourage productive failure and reward behaviours, not just victories.
  • They are able to articulate the value and impact of their best practices.
  • They aggressively break down silos to share best practices.

At what level is your organization?

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