The Case of the Phantom Sofa

My wife recently bought a patio furniture set from the Bay. It was a great deal for the floor model set that included a chaise lounge, a club chair, an ottoman and a sofa. The only problem was, when they delivered the furniture, there was no sofa. The invoice showed us paying for a sofa, but the packing slip showed no such thing. Apparently, we were sold a sofa that doesn't exist.

When my wife bought the furniture, it was out on display in the store (except for the sofa). When my wife asked where the sofa was, she was told it was in the back storeroom. So imagine our surprise when it never arrived. After speaking with four different employees, including the rep who sold us the furniture, no one can (or will) explain what happened. It has been well over a week and we are still sofa-less. We have been told that they will find us a sofa and that a team of people are working on this, but only after repeated phone calls and persistance by my wife.

There are some good lessons for businesses on good customer service:

– Don't sell products you don't have-make sure you have the product somewhere before asking a customer to pay for it

– Call your customers back-even if you don't have any new updates, you gain trust and loyalty by doing what you said you would do

– Take action to fix the problem-offer an apology as well as some additional incentive to maintain the loyalty of your customers

Customers will judge you on how you handle problems when they arise, so these are good opportunities to show your customers how much you care. Right now, I don't care for the Bay very much.

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