The future of magazine advertising

Since the consensus is that eventually printed magazines and newspapers will die out (an opinion which I do not entirely agree with), what will be the future of advertising in magazines? Where will the sponsors go? Online of course. Much of the information we read is moving online, which actually allows us to get more current information. Advertisers are realizing this and putting more effort behind online advertising. But let's be real here, how many of you actually look at the banner or pop-up ads that are part of the web page you are reading? I bet most of you do not even notice them. I know I don't.

So the challenge for advertisers is how do they cut through all of the noise on the web to get their message across? They need to be interactive. What if you went to a magazine website and the person on the cover was actually talking to you telling some of the feature articles? What if they were describing some of the high points of the article featuring them? If magazines went to this model, advertisers could get their products mentioned as a part of this interactive relationship with the customer. What if there were quick games to win prizes? We all have very short attention spans when it comes to the web, but if we find something interesting and engaging, we are willing to spend a few minutes on it. Imagine Lebron James talking to you on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine; "check out this article on why Cleveland is going to win it all this year, and don't forget to buy new Coke, it is as refreshing as ever, ahhhh." Don't laugh, it might come sooner than you think.

The moral of the story is, the quicker that companies recognize the way in which information is going, the sooner they can get ahead of the competition and take advantage of it.

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