The G20 comes to Toronto

As a Torontonian, I was very happy to hear that the G20 will be embarking upon our fair city in June 2010. Many may think this will cause disruption to  the city-traffic, road closures, protests-I say, bring it on!

How often does a city get the opportunity to host something like this? 20 of the world's most important politicians coming to see our fair city and enjoy its wares. It will be a nice boost for summer tourism, for restaurants, for cab and limo companies, for retail outlets. Sure it will be chaos for the few days leading up to the Summit, but that should be more than offset by the exposure that the city gets.

People around the world will be able to see what a beautiful, multi-cultural city Toronto is. Couple that with the fact that the Winter Olympics are in Vancouver, and 2010 is looking to be a stellar year for Canada. Our country and two of its most beautiful cities will be on parade for all to see. We should embrace this opportunity because it can have effects that will last for years. So let's not screw it up!

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