The Keys to Speed

Have you ever wondered why some organizations are able to operate faster than others without sacrificing the quality of their offerings? Well if you have, here are some insights as to why:

  • They focus on quality. They ask "How can we get our offerings to market faster without sacrificing quality?" Too many companies only focus on speed, and not quality (see RIM and the initial release of the Playbook tablet for an example of focusing on speed and not quality).
  • They don't panic. Speed isn't always being about the first to market. Ford invented the motor car, yet how many automakers companies are now more successful than they are?
  • They expect bumps in the road and are ready for them. Just like driving a car, there will be potholes, traffic, accidents, pedestrians and construction that you need to navigate through. Prepare a plan (a route) to get you where you need to be.
  • They are never satisfied with the status quo. These organizations are constantly pursuing ways to do things faster and better.
  • They take risks. You will never know how fast you can operate until you push your own organizational limits. With risks come rewards.
  • They know when to slow down. Sometimes the business environment requires organizations to slow down and choose a new direction or at least assess where they are. The best companies know when to do that and how to change course quickly.

Now you have no excuse when it comes to speeding up the way you operate. Don't forget to buckle your seatbelt.

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