The Music of Business

Did you ever think that business principles were like good music? They are, because they never lose their appeal. Think about today's music environment, especially in rock music. Many of the most popular bands have been playing for years and years. When a great song comes on the radio, it doesn't matter when it was written, it is still a great song. Bands like the Eagles, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and many others continue to attract new fans to their music. Just like basic business priniciples continue to be used by new companies and old ones.

Here are some timeless business principles that help companies be successful:

  • Sustainable change can only happen if the people impacted by the change support it and help shape it
  • Know who your target customer is and what you can offer them that no one else can
  • Attract great people to your organization and empower them to make decisions
  • Without strong execution, strategy is useless
  • Operating speed will impact results
  • Strong leadership is required at all levels of the organization
  • The fastest way to grow is through creating evangelists/ambassadors for your brand
  • You must provide a quality product or service

How many of these principles are you practicing in your business?

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