The Need for a Watch

I have now gone more than 10 years without wearing a watch. I always believed that it was not necessary. I could always check the clock in my car, most boardrooms and offices have clocks in them, and of course, my cell phone has the time for me to check regularly. For some reason recently, I have felt the compelling need to purchase a watch. I don't know what has come over me…I am trying to focus less on time, yet feel the need to buy a watch. Maybe it is because time pieces have changed and are now appealing to the eye, or maybe it is because I am constantly checking my Blackberry to see what time it is in a meeting to ensure I am not late for my next one. Whatever the reason, a watch will be my next purchase and I hope it does not increase my obsession with time.

I read somewhere that someone with an executive-type personality looks at free time as an opportunity to book more meetings. They are very organized, but also set up a lot of meetings. That describes me to a 'T.' My calendar is usually quite full with meetings as I feel that I can never meet too many people and you never know which relationship will produce results. I am selective about who I meet with, but still have many meetings nonetheless.

Hopefully buying a watch will not increase my obsession with time, only reduce the number of times I pull out my blackberry to ensure that I am sticking to my time agenda. For some reason it seems less obnoxious during a meeting to look at your watch than it does to look at your Blackberry.

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