The secret of success

I recently completed Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, a book on the Story of Success. It was fascinating to read about some of the people profiled in the book and how they became successful. The common theme was that these people worked very hard, but that they also had a set of circumstances surrounding them that helped them to be successful. It is not that these people, like Bill Gates or the Beatles, were so much smarter or better, it is that they worked harder than everyone else and their circumstances lined up to give them an advantage.

It made me think about how the recent economic turmoil can be a springboard for success. Some products and industries as we know them will be changing significantly. The auto industry will never be the same. Reading Outliers made me realize that I need to do everything that I can to position myself now to take advantage of the future. Invest now and it will reap rewards in the future. Reach out to new customers now when people are looking for some direction. Be positive when everyone else is focused on doom and gloom.

Work hard, recognize your circumstances and take advantage of them, that is the secret of success.

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