The speed of car rentals

Do you ever wonder why it takes so long to rent a car? I have never been able to figure this one out. People have been renting cars for years and years, yet, when you get in line to pick up your car, you have to wait an eternity. Nothing about the process seems to be standardized. The only time things seem to move quickly is when you have signed up for the preferred customer program and can literally just pick up your car.

Why not apply the same principles for all rentals? Why not have a separate line (when possible) for those with reservations versus those walking up to rent? Why not have people complete more information when they are actually booking the car online or on the phone? The more information provided at the time of booking, the less time required to pick up the car. Ask people if they want insurance when they book, not when they arrive. Explain to them the gas options when they book, not when there are 6 people behind them in line. Picking up your car should be as simple as confirming your booking details and size of car, photocopying a license and getting the keys. That does not sound difficult does it?

Car rental companies lose business regularly because they are too slow and inefficient, so the first one out of the gate with a faster, more efficient pick-up process will win the day. Best of luck to them.

Happy holidays!

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